CPVEN celebrated 34 years of growth in the oil industry

Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru joined in the anniversary

In a simple and amenable act carried out in each country where CPVEN is present, management and all personnel stressed on the importance of having arrived at more than three decades in the oil industry, the goals obtained and the forecast of future growth.

In a message shared with all the members of the corporation, the Executive President of CPVEN Holding, Eduardo Pantin Shortt, underscored the importance of the founders: “Today we are commemorating the initiative of a group of Venezuelans, led by our founder, Eduardo Pantin Pérez, who had the vision of becoming involved in the business of oil services. The idea of offering specialized services for the construction of oil and gas wells begins in 1979 deciding on which services and technology to offer. It was not until May 19th, 1981, that CPVEN is created with the purchase of three cementing equipment and two for gravel packing, that arrive at the country (Venezuela) in late 1981. The first job is carried out on December 24th, and the second on December 31st, 1981. At the time, CPVEN was a dream come true, shared by a group of workers who were willing to give their best in order to make of CPVEN what we are today.”

“It’s been 34 years overcoming obstacles and obtaining triumphs. We invested countless hours in efforts and achievements that have marked our path, understanding that there are no limits, when there is faith in what we do, and attempting each day to become better. Today we are a world reference in leadership, perseverance, quality and technology, capable of carrying out the most complex jobs. CPVEN is a company that has continued to grow and today it has consolidated itself as a leader corporation in oil and gas well services, with presence in Latin America, and on the search for new services and markets that will allow it to become established and be worthy of the acknowledgement acquired in the oil industry”, Eduardo Pantin Shortt emphasized in the communiqué.

Likewise, he made special reference to the effort, dedication and commitment of each one of the workers, “it’s the team work that helps translate each small task into an important result. I appeal to you to appreciate our achievements and challenges and to continue working hard, so we can establish ourselves as a leading company in wells services in Latin America.

Let us celebrate these 34 years with the conviction that they will turn into many more years of achievements, innovations and successes”, he concluded

Congratulations to CPVEN and its entire staff on its 34th anniversary.