At the beginning of January 2015, CPVEN started an activity called “Innovation in Action”. The aim of this initiative is to invite all CPVEN personnel to promote and give shape to their ideas, procedure improvements, applications, tools or suggestions that could be applied in any operative or administrative environment, wherever their everyday activities take place.

Based on initiatives such as this one, on experience, on the diversity and demand of the clients and the complexity of oil projects in different Latin American countries, CPVEN continues to be upgraded in the development of new technologies, as well as in the application of the best practices in the construction and maintenance of oil and gas wells.

Design and development of oil equipment

CPVEN has developed authorship for more than 30 different types of equipment and products used in different services offered to the oil industry.

It has ample expertise in the development and construction of cementing equipment over trailers, over skids and barges, coiled tubing units over trailers and barges, snubbing units placed on barges and over self-lifting “liftboats.

Human Capital

CPVEN has a qualified Human Capital committed to quality and excellent service. It offers ongoing training programs for engineers, technicians and operators in the disciplines of engineering, field operations, lab, maintenance and construction of equipment, among others.