Privacy Policy

Your security and the safety of the data you provide to us by using CPVEN’s website (“The Site”) is very important to us. Please read this privacy policy thoroughly to know how we collect, use and distribute the information you have entrusted to us.

The information we collect

By using The Site, some personal information about you may be collected and processed by CPVEN. In general, we only collect said information (such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, resume, and type of business) when you knowingly provide it to us whether by entering your data in our ‘Contact Us” Link or by submitting your Curriculum Vitae in the section “Employment”. This information is intended for the exclusive use of CPVEN and shall not be delivered to third parties except in the case that for legal reasons CPVEN is obliged to disclose said information to governmental or justice authorities that may require so.

CPVEN shares the information collected thru the Site to its affiliates around the Word. By affiliates, it is understood, with respect to CPVEN, all companies subject to its direct or indirect control; and/or the companies controlling it directly or indirectly, and/or those subject to the common control directly or indirectly of the same controlling party. To the extent that the Affiliates access your personal information, they shall maintain this Privacy Policy in the terms explain herein.

Additionally, CPVEN may automatically collect or process information (Such as IP address and internet Domain) as a result of the access and use of the Site. By using the Site (which server is located in the United States), you are giving your express consent to any collection, processing, transfer or use of any personal data between the Affiliates of the CPVEN group and their operative, administrative or directive personnel in any of the countries in which the group has operations. If you do not consent to any collection, processing, transfer or use of such information, please discontinue use of this web site.

CPVEN will not retain the information provided longer than the time needed for the purpose for which it was obtained.


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