CPVEN has more than three decades of experience, continuous growth and diversification in well services and activities related to oil exploration.

1981 Begins operations in Venezuela, offering high-pressure pumping services on land (cementing, gravel, acid and others)

1986 Expands its high-pressure pumping operations in Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela

1996 Introduces the environmental control service and final disposal of drilling mud and cuttings in Venezuela

2001 Introduces the well services intervention with coiled tubing units

2005 Obtains the ISO 9001 certificate for high-pressure pumping services

2006 Introduces drilling fluids and solids control services in Venezuela

2007 Initiates operations in Colombia, offering high-pressure pumping services

2008 Introduces workover services with hydraulic snubbing units

2010 Establishes an Exploration and Production consortium with Ecopetrol for the VMM-32 Block in Colombia

2011 Establishes a partnership with a Kuwaiti company in order to offer services in the Middle East

2012 Obtains the ISO 9001 certificate for coiled tubing service

2013 Obtains a qualification for providing services to the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

2014 Operations are initiated in Ecuador and Peru.
Drilling services are incorporated with the acquisition of MARITIME CONTRACTORS (formerly MAERSK DRILLING)