CPVEN Peru succesfully puts the Coiled Tubing and Hydraulic Fracking service into practice


The innovative Coiled – Frac service, product of the integration of Coiled Tubing and Hydraulic Fracking, proved its effectiveness in Alvarez Oveja 12654 well, belonging to Graña y Montero Petrolera (GMP)’s lot IV.

There a Sand Jeeting operation was performed to later clean the well and put it into production with 50% faster times than the conventional manner. A work developed by CPVEN Peru for the client, GMP; the General Manager of Graña y Montero Petrolera, Ing. Reynaldo Llosa, highlighted their satisfaction with the results.

In practice, Coiled - Frac showed that you can obtain better results, increasing the quality of the service because it doesn’t generate any damage to the formation; you can work under balance and the operative and return to production times of a typical well in the Peruvian Northeast are reduced, at a competitive price.

CPVEN thus places itself at the vanguard of petroleum services for its clients in Peru.

Aquiles Ortiz Vasquez
Country Manager Ecuador and Peru