Workover Services With Coiled And Hydraulic Tubing

Coiled tubing units

Today the global oil industry is using coiled tubing units in almost all projects in the intervention of wells.

There are many economic and operational advantages that coiled tubing service offers, of which stand out:

  • The intervention of live wells.
  • The elimination of the operation of killing the well.
  • The elimination of the potential damage to the formation.
  • The reduction of the footprint in the environment.
  • The intervention of horizontal sections, and the capacity of making any intervention without using drills.

This fact has pushed CPVEN to firmly engage in the coiled tubing market, with the acquisition and implementation of a variety of ground units that can manipulate pipes with diameters varying from 1 ¼” to 2”, and can reach a depth of 18,000’. In addition, CPVEN has a barge that can operate in Maracaibo Lake, completely equipped with high-pressure pumping gear, capable of handling pipes of 1¼“ up to 1¾”, and capable, as well, of reaching a depth of 18,000’.

Snubbing units

CPVEN has snubbing units of different capacities for executing interventions in wells through production pipes of different diameters, capable of operating against formation pressure pushing against the pipe within the well. If no conventional RA/RC drills are available, these units are an excellent replacement alternative.

Types of jobs for well completions and/or workover:

  • Services of pressure control.
  • Intervention in live wells and/or otherwise.
  • Replacement of pumps.
  • Mill-out (Milado) and fishing.
  • Sand control.
  • Stimulation and displacement with nitrogen.
  • Lowering cannons with steel cable.