Drilling Service

Through its MCVSA subsidiary, CPVEN offers services in drilling and workover of oil and gas wells in Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela. The company operates in Venezuela since 1991 and has “Cantilever”-type drilling 2,000 HP barges, with HP with Top Drive, capable of drilling 20,000 feet deep wells.

Exploration and Production Business Units

CPVEN E&P has participated in tenders in different countries in the exploration and production areas of new, marginal or low-production fields, for which it has created associations and alliances with renowned, world-class companies. Likewise, it has a strategic associate with solid international expertise in the management of conventional and non-conventional oilfields.

Field Engineering and Operation

Based on its experience, the diversity and demand of its clients, as well as the complexity of the oil projects in the different Latin American countries, CPVEN is constantly updating new technologies and the application of improved practices in the construction and maintenance of oil and gas wells. This has allowed CPVEN to develop a line of Field Engineering and Operation Services that, in collaboration with its clients and through the management of the different services and activities required, allows it to maximize the processes associated with the construction and maintenance of the wells.

Likewise, it has complemented its experience by means of strategic alliances with companies in the areas of well drilling, acquisition and seismic interpretation, engineering and projects, among others and have the experience, knowledge and availability to develop projects for the optimization and reactivation of fields.

CPVEN has the experience and resources to maximize its clients profitability. CPVEN’s efficient use of resources make clients increase oil and gas production while reducing well perforation and intervention time as well as costs.